Life Cycle Services

Corporate Formation & Financing

At start-up, the life sciences company faces many legal challenges.  While corporate formation, financing, and IP issues typically predominate, the astute company also realizes that tackling FDA issues -- regulatory, clinical, and quality - at the outset is vital to long-term success.  

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Research & Development to Submission

As you move into preclinical and clinical development and ultimately to applying for market authorization, new legal concerns emerge in the regulatory, clinical, and quality realms.  How you tackle these  directly impacts the potential for eventual approval of your product application.  

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Marketed Products

Once on the market, an array of new regulatory and quality legal challenges emerge.  Ranging from new safety concerns to handling advertising issues to responding to FDA developments that threaten your products, we can help  ensure you overcome these hurdles and also take the proactive steps needed to maximize success.

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