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Import/Export and International Regulatory Presentations
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FDA Regulation of Labeling and Advertising, Import/Export, and Enforcement.  
OCRA RAC Review Course.  August 2, 2014.  Irvine, CA.

FDA Regulation of the Importing and Exporting of Drugs and Devices. OCRA
Conference on Import/Export, March 2002, Irvine, CA.
Crisis Management
Food & Food Additives
Generic Drugs
An Overview of Global Harmonization of the Regulation of Pharmaceuticals and
Medical Devices. “Regulatory 101” Seminar, RAPS, November 2000, Pasadena, CA.
Global Harmonization Issues and the Protection of Intellectual Property. Salud
Americas 99, Conference on Latin America’s Health Sector Policies, Regulation,
and Investment Climate, sponsored by the Institute for the Americas, October
1999, Philadelphia.
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