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Combination Products, Dietary Supplements, and Veterinary Medicine.  SDRAN RAC
Review Course.  August 13, 2014.  San Diego.

Regulation of Combination Products, Dietary Supplements, and Veterinary Products.  
SDRAN RAC Review Course.  September 4, 2013.  San Diego.

Dietary Supplements - Key FDA and FTC Issues.  Compliance2Go. Webinar.  May 30,

Regulation of Dietary Supplements.  SDRAN RAC Review Course.  August 29, 2012.  
San Diego.

Regulation of Dietary Supplements.  Lecture at SDRAN RAC Review Course. August
25, 2011. San Diego.

Functional Foods:  Claims & Labeling. Dietary Supplements Conference, RAPS,
November 2000, Pasadena, CA.
Crisis Management
Food & Food Additives
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